About the Project


My name is Shawn Hazen. I moved to Chicago in May of 2006. Chicago has so much history, but isn’t too precious about it, so the city is just layer after layer of architecture and design. I’m a graphic designer, so this unique visual heritage continues to blow me away, specifically the commercial typography. I can’t help but snap pictures of all the old, cool, or quirky type. And there’s so much of it—I literally can’t got out to get a haircut or a hot dog without having to make a stop to shoot some funky sign. So, this site is a place to share it. I try to update it often, and I’ve begun tagging things so when it gets (even more) unwieldy, I can set up navigation by category. Until then, just wander around—I hope you enjoy it.


About Me

I came to Chicago from Oakland, California. I worked there for about 10 years after graduating from college in Seattle, where I grew up. In the Bay Area, I worked for Chronicle Books, Dwell Magazine, and then Apple Computer. When I arrived in Chicago, I went to work for a small branding agency in downtown Chicago named Remedy. Now I run an independent studio called Hazen Creative, Inc. My wife, 2 sons, mutt, and I live in the Irving Park neighborhood, in the northwestern corner of Chicago.

I run a bunch of web sites. If you like this one, you might enjoy BookWorship.com, too. To see all my sites, head over to HazenProjects.com, where I’ve gathered them all up in one spot.

Thanks for visiting.


About the Site

This site is built on my favorite platform: WordPress. Only a couple of the sites above aren’t on WordPress. It’s not just for blogging, but it is great at that. wordpress.org

The site is a modified version of the Grace Photoblog Theme by 7879 Designs in the UK. The great thumbnail and gallery features they built in saved us a lot of work!